Gastroenterology Today

Tech Specs

Here are the technical specifications for Gastroenterology Today. Please take your time to carefully read our recommended sizes and measurements. You can find a PDF guide at the bottom of this page.

Artwork should be provided as press-ready PDF’s/JPEG’s/TIFF’s
(CMYK, no spot colours, all fonts embedded or outlined, 3mm bleed where required, 300dpi).

Sizes Dimensions Bleed
Front Cover 210(w) x 232(h)mm +3mm bleed left and right – IMPORTANT refer to pdf
Double Page Spread 420(w) x 297(h)mm +3mm bleed all around
Full Page 210(w) x 297(h)mm +3mm bleed all round
Half Page Horizontal 180(w) x 123.5(h)mm
Half Page Vertical 88(w) x 247(h)mm
1/4 Page 88(w) x 123.5(h)mm
1/3 Page Vertical 57(w) x 247(h)mm

Online Advertising

Leaderboard Banner, 1140px x 150px,

Main Header Banner, 600px x 80px,

Large Square Advert, 300px x 300px,

Large Rectangular Advert, 300px x 150 px,

Medium Rectangular Advert, 300px x 100 px,

Small Rectangular Advert, 300px x 60px,
Max. file size for all online advert is 150Kb.,,

To download the technical guide, please Click Here

*note – we have used a sister title, Ambulance UK as an example in this guide. Gastroenterology Today follows the same specifications*